How to Install AOLIS Terminal in Your Computer

  • Automatic - Windows
  • Manual - Windows (if installer does not work properly)
    1. Download Putty.exe from
    2. Download config.reg from
    3. Double-click config.reg and click Yes and Ok to import settings to Registry
    4. Run putty.exe and type in the hostname to connect to aolis
  • Windows 10 with dot-matrix printer
    1. same as above
    2. you need to add use a Generic Text Printer instead of the windows 10 epson driver (which doesn't let plain text go thru - queued print jobs just disappear from the print queue)
      1. press Window key
      2. type "printer"
      3. click "Printers & scanners" (system settings)
      4. click "Add a printer or scanner"
      5. wait some time... until some printers are enumerated
      6. scroll to the bottom of the discovered printers
      7. click "The printer that I want isn't listed", a new window should open.
      8. click "Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings"
      9. click "Next"
      10. select which port the dot matrix printer is using (maybe USB...)
      11. click "Next"
      12. choose "Generic" Manufacturer and "Generic / Text Only" as the printer
      13. click "Next"
      14. Remember the printer name and use it later in Putty
      15. click "Next" until "Finish"
      16. try printing from Putty with the new Generic / Text printer
  • Mac OS
    1. No need to install anything
    2. Open Terminal from Finder->Applications->Utilities->Terminal
    3. Change advanced settings of terminal "terminal type" from "xterm-256-color" to "xterm" (Terminal->Preferences->Advanced->Declare Terminal as: xterm)
    4. Close Terminal and Reopen New Terminal
    5. in the $ prompt, type "ssh"