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This audio Bible is produced by Audio Scriptures International. Below you will find the transcript of their copyright audio tag:

"Thank you for listening to this recording of the King James Bible produced by Audio Scriptures International. Audio Scriptures International believes it is more important to spread the Word of God than to make a large profit. Please feel free to make copies of these recordings and distribute them freely so long as you adhere to the following guidelines:

1. You may not charge any more than the cost to duplicate and send them.
2. You must make a complete copy of the recording, including this message.

For commercial and fund raising distribution, please contact Audio Scriptures International for additional information."

The Bible contains a total of 1189 chapters.
The total size of all files in this KJV audio Bible comes to 1.16 GB.
The total reading time for this entire KJV Audio Bible is 85 hours, 9 minutes.
The narrator is a retired minister from California named Dan Wagner. The recording was made in 1999.