How, then, did the Lord prove the people (verse 4) whether they would keep His law, or not?


Over the keeping of the Sabbath.
NOTE-Thus we see that the Sabbath commandment was a part of God's law before this law was
spoken from Sinai; for this incident occurred in the wilderness of Sin, before the children of Israel came to
Sinai, where the law was given. Both the Sabbath and the law existed from creation.

To whom, therefore, should we ascribe glory and honor?
What did this bring to him?
How will the decisions of the judgment be executed?
When Christ thus ministers the law in the heart, what does it become?
In the judgment-hour message, whom are all called upon to fear, glorify, and worship?
How is the character of the law described by the Apostle Paul?
How is their watch-care over God's people expressed?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle