In what one promise are all these promises summed up?


'He that overcomes shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be My son." Rev. 21: 7.
NOTE - Here are the exceeding great and precious promises to the overcomer, eight in number.
They embrace everything-eternal life, health, happiness, and an everlasting home. What more could be
IN heaven there will he no parting, no pain to bear; No care-worn brow, no sigh, no silvery hair;
No death to snatch our loved ones from our side, No angry waves, no sea, no treacherous tide. In heaven
there'll be no thirst, no cry for bread; No soul who knows not where to lay his head; No one to feel the
winter's chilling blast, For there the piercing storms will all be past. In heaven there'll be no toil without
repay; No building for a brief, ephemeral day; For all the joys that prophets old have told 'Twill take the
endless ages to unfold.
In heaven there'll be no weary pilgrim band; No seekers for a better, fairer land; For all who reach
that blissful, happy shore Will never cry nor sigh, nor wish for more.

What is one purpose for which the Holy Spirit was sent?
What spirit must those cherish whom God forgives?
How did He further explain the new birth?
What New Testament injunction is given respecting marriage?
When He comes the second time, what title will He bear?
What does Malachi say of those that fear the Lord?
With what question did Christ meet their false ideas and reasoning regarding Sabbath-keeping?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle