Then by whom was the Sabbath made?


By Christ.
NOTE - This conclusion is inevitable. If all things were made by Christ, and without Him was not
anything made that was made, and the Sabbath was one of the things that was made, then it follows that the
Sabbath must have been made by Christ. This being so, the Sabbath must be the Lord's day.

How enduring is Gods love for us?
10. After the fall, what sort of marriages were introduced by men, which were productive of great evil?
How should the youth he taught to regard the aged?
In symbolic prophecy what length of time is represented by a day?
14. Within less than forty days after the making of this covenant, while Moses tarried in the mount, what did the people say to Aaron?
What did Christ nail to His cross?
10. As we near the closing scenes of human probation, why may we expect an increase in demoniacal manifestations?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle