How to make Syllabus using LibreOffice

Problems being solved:

  1. Solution: get format from office administration department (the formatting authority), wait for format to stabilize.

  2. Solution: forward format from OA dept, but obey their request
  3. expensive Microsoft Office license (, Php2000/year subscription or Php5000+ for old version.
    Solution: use LibreOffice (download)
  4. Format from OA dept is in MSWord, cannot be used in LibreOffice. Solution: download rebuilt LibreOffice format from aolis. (download)

How to use LibreOffice Syllabus Pattern

  1. Open downloaded current format in LibreOffice
  2. "Save As" to a different filename, preferrably the subject you intend to write on.
  3. Click "File"->"Properties"->"Custom Properties". Edit the fields accordingly. This will automatically update the headers, footers, and other relevant text. avoid editing the grayed text as they are fields from the custom properties.
  4. Edit the Course Description, Program Outcomes, Course Outcomes, and Course Content.
  5. optionally: clidk "File"->"Export to PDF"
Hope this helps,
-Winelfred G. Pasamba